Saturday, September 12, 2009

And yet another

YAY I AM at the Gray`s house , wearing my sista`s glasses....... FUN FUN FUN...........
and I got my first french nails EVER SO cool the lady did a good job.
Micah is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaa he makes me laugh!


  1. Glad to hear you're having fun, girlie -- I love these little mini-updates, they're so you I can just hear your voice saying them. :)

  2. I love you Kryssy and it was great having you here this weekend. Can't wait to see ya Wednessday! Wahoo, only 3 days to wait. I will be praying for your dad and mom. I know they will do great with their horses! LOVE YA

  3. OK so what does ahj mean???

    you better call me asap to let me know how y'all did!! Can't wait to hear! Love ya! :)

  4. Hey girly, I tagged you for an award over at my blog, if you want to do it swing by and pick it up! Love you, chat later! :)