Friday, November 20, 2009


OK so almost a month has gone by and I haven`t posted LOL I am sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sitting here watching a movie with mommy, daddy, loi, and J !
Goooooood Movie.
Ballet recital is coming up, and I am nervous! ugh hehehehehe.
Playing lots of piano, guitar, and music , gonna sing at the candle light service at church.
I went to work with momma this morning , and I am headed again tommorow!!
Loi made the most AWESOME dinner, She Made

Brown Rice, with spaghetti sauce, and meat.
And Fresh wheat italian bread all nice and twisted in twistyeeee doo`s LOL.
and it was really really good!
I am listening to counrty music as of right now and it is way toooooooo fast LOLLZZZZ.
<3 <3 <3 <3
Love Y`all
Kryssy <3


  1. Yes, I've been wondering when another post was coming!!! :D So what good movie were y'all watching?? No fair to say it's good and not tell us what it is! ;) That dinner does sound good, Loi's really getting to be quite the cook, isn't she? How did she do the twistyeeee doo's?? By the way, I see your blog isn't private anymore. How come you changed?? :) Anyway, I love you and hope to talk to you again soon. Don't forget, I have the new cell phone number. You don't have to call my mom's anymore. :) Love you lots and lots, girlie!! :)

  2. Hey Krystle!

    Thanks for commenting on our blog. Yours looks really neat, too! :) I hope to get to know you better through blogging!

  3. Whoa...what happened to your other post, the photo post that was right before this one??

  4. Howdy Kryssy!
    Thanks 4 commenting on our blog!
    I would love to become your friend!
    I really like your blog...
    Sounds like you would be a very lovely friend, and i'd be honored to be yours!
    Much Love,
    Lydia Grace

  5. Hey Kryssy!
    I love and miss ya...

  6. Howdy Kryssy!
    Thanks for dropping a note! I enjoyed hearing from u!!!
    Wow! when did i get saved?!?....when i was 7, and then a few months ago i got baptized!
    And how about you?
    This is fun!
    Luv ya!
    Lydia Grace

  7. Hey there Krystle
    We tagged you!!!! Go to our blog!
    Have fun and we love you love the cowgirls!