Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Update.

I am at the grays, and I am having a great time ! And now I think I will upload some pictures!

Ok so My daddy made it to the Mustang Magic fan finals which will be held tonight.
In the riding course dad is standing at 5th place, and tonights free-style will let us know his final place.
I am sooooo excited and nervous please pray for calmness for daddy.
THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


  1. SO OUTRAGEOUSLY GEORGEOUS! Like no kidding!!!! =) You are amazing! You are like one of the closest and best friends I have ever had. I love you soooooooooo much! I really want to start getting together more. I miss when we used to see eachother like every weekend...what happened??? So anyway I love and miss you girly!!! You are totally awesome!
    You sis,
    Becky =)