Friday, May 15, 2009

Been Shopping!

So I went shopping and bought a Green and White checked SunDress!!!!!
A Multi-colored soooooooooooo cute shirt!
and a Peach peasent style shirt
I will post pictures sooooooooon!
So I am sitting missing allllllll my friends!
I jumped on the trampoline that was soaking wet!!!! in my Pj`s!!!!!!! it was sooooo much fun and I got sooooo wet so did Becky, Gracey, Loi, and even J!!!!!

While I am posting I want to ask for 2 prayer requests!!!!

#1 . I have a Friend over at cowgirl for christ that is going to not see her mom for like 2 months due too family sickness and Needs your prayers thanks a MILLION.

#2 . I would like everyone to pray for me I am having a HARD to trying to forgive and forget!!!! I have forgiven but I hurt sooooo bad that I am having the hardest tome
forgetting and the person doesn`t even care! Please pray for me and this person!

Love Y`all and Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

The Dresses we each made our own it was a GREAT DAY!!!!


  1. Kryssy girl you know I am praying and that I love ya!!!

  2. Ahh! Yes did we ever have fun! Twas a blast! And the clothes you got were adorable...esepially on you! I love you Kryssy!

  3. Thank you for posting PHOTOS and keep 'em coming!! Thanks for the prayers for me, this weekend went really well (Mom was in Phoenix) but we have two more weeks before Mom is gone for a month...and then I'm gone for a month... I'll be praying for the second request, I'm gonna have to call soon, we have lots to talk about. I love you girly, hope to talk soon