Saturday, May 30, 2009

More pictures and a FUN DAY

Well I am at the Grayz I arrived here bout 30 mins agoz and am haveing a GOOD time

Tonight we CELEBRATE My mom and Jz Birthdays which are actually 31st and the 1st!!!
YAY I get to help decorate the birthday cake MY FAVE THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Here are some pics

The pics other than the gray sweater I took the others in the car today!!!


  1. AWESOME! Im glad yall are having a fun time! I LOVE the pictures! You are soo cute =) I know 6 and a half months!!!! ERG!!! Way to STINKIN LONG!!!! No im not mad at all >.<
    So a secret....I WANnA KNOW!!! I tried calling you today but OBVIOUSLY you ditched me for the grays. Ummm so I guess Ill try Monday...assuming your going to be there for the weekend. Think you can tell me then?
    I miss you so much Kryssy! Tell EVERYONE that I say hi and that I love umm and have a GREAT day!! Oh and if you think about it...could you pray for tomorrows sepcial....*gulp* solos scare me hehe. Ill video tape it so I can send it to you. Well were going to the new house for the night...its going to be a restless mind is sooo full! I will talk to you soon. Peace! *hugs* ^_^

  2. You are soooo cute!! I love these picts. Esepially the one of you and Loi. I miss you soooooo much! You were so sweet to come to the party even though it was a long drive for such a short time. =) Thanks!! Well I lvoe you tons and tons.

  3. I miss you so much...urg. I hope it isn't long before we get together again. I love you lots and lots.