Friday, June 5, 2009

Who is this?

Hey Folks! This is your favorite person in the world. KRYSSY! Of course who else would it be. Don't mind a the viedo. I do a mess up. And don't write anything mean on your comments. Not that any of y'all would, right????? I've been doing alot of riding on my horse through the TX breezes. Minnie my dog will probably have puppies in a few weeks and I am excited. I am gona sell all of them and get money. Mwahahahaahahahahahah!(maybe I can send the money to a certain somebody, and maybey they could come out)(can you take a hint?) The days are good. Clear blue skies. My ballet recitlal is next Saturday. After the recital I will post pictures and a viedo. I will post soon. Love y'all. Peace out!


  1. Girly you are beautiful...

    I sure wish I could hear that video!! I'm sure you did great.

    Will be praying for you during recital...I'm sure it will be AWESOME!! Plleeeeeaaase take a video of it!! I want to see! ;D

  2. Yes...J that is a cute gal in the cowboy hat. And that girl holding her is WAY CUTE! =)kryssy I love and miss ya soooooo much!!! I can't wait for this weekend! I want ta see you soo bad. I will be praying that your recital goes better than you ever imagined. Oh, and that Minnie's puppy will all be beautiful, healthy, and sell for a great price. Your amazing and I love you tons and tons.

  3. I just gotta say, that girl is sooooo pretty... Oh, and the little girl in the hat is adorable too. :D